About Me

Hello Everyone!

My name is Pav and I am a professional photographer, retoucher and founder of Vistolia Photography.

I specialise in Fashion, Portrait, Event and Commercial photography and my work has been published and featured on the web and in print.

Coming from real estate marketing and property photography background, I have over time expanded my photographic horizon, exploring and experimenting with the art form. As a wedding and event photographer, I have practiced capturing the moment and preserving its memory. Working in multiple photo studios I learned about composition and working with models and mastered lighting tools and techniques. Eventually, Fashion, Glamour and Beauty photography became the core of my profession.

As a freelancer, I strive to develop personal relationship with each client, tailoring my services to their requirements and offering a great experience with support and effective communication. I have a long list of satisfied clients who range from individuals to small businesses and large companies.

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